A shadow is upon us

Other people contributing to my projects is often the cause of my improving them. This is because people tend to contribute something that works for the case they care about, without necessarily testing how it combines with the rest of the product. There’s nothing wrong with this. They did some work and wanted to give […]

Unintuitve effect of overflow:hidden

I found myself having to fit a textarea into a space which had user-provided CSS (“skins”) applied to it. This worked surprisingly well, but someone found a skin which had a right-floated sidebar which was playing hell with the textarea, since the textarea needed a fixed width and textareas refuse to overlap floats. So the […]


Another new-ish release, this time a PHP webcomic content management system called simplecomic. Features: Multiple comics per day Schedule posting of comics in advance Masking of comic filenames so scheduled comics can’t be easily found Comic descriptions, alt text, and transcripts Optional chapter divisions for comics “Rants” as a lightweight blog, with scheduled posting Theme […]