I once claimed that I have a daughter.

I now claim that she has just started in kindergarten. She’ll be going to a language immersion school, where she’ll learn Chinese.

Walking to her first day of school

Signs of adulthood

I bought a house.

Strangely, this makes me feel like more of a “grown up” than producing a daughter did. Possibly because health insurance meant that producing the daughter cost appreciably less. Actually, according to the explanation of benefits letters I got from my insurance company, childbirth was almost exactly one third the cost of a house. America is crazy.

This lets me add a little bit of extra context into my post, though. Here’s where I’m sitting right now:



So, funny thing, I realized that an important life event occurred when I wasn’t paying much attention to this blog, and I never got around to mentioning it.

I have a daughter now, and have for a bit over two years now.

She’s pretty cute.