Google Reader… Plus?

Google released their Google Reader revamp. Certainly prettier, though I’m not entirely convinced right now by the increased vertical space used by the list view. Puzzling oversight is not importing my existing Reader friends into a Google Plus circle. Seems like a really obvious thing to do, and yet they’re giving everyone a chance to […]

XSS is fun!

Pretending innocence, I ask why all these high profile websites have their homepages covered in spinning images? CNN (screenshot) The New York Times (screenshot) Mashable (screenshot) Fox News (screenshot) Okay, obviously enough, I’m messing with them. But how can I do that? The answer is cross site scripting (“XSS”). XSS is surprisingly common, and nigh-universally […]

A shadow is upon us

Other people contributing to my projects is often the cause of my improving them. This is because people tend to contribute something that works for the case they care about, without necessarily testing how it combines with the rest of the product. There’s nothing wrong with this. They did some work and wanted to give […]