TextMate bundle: Ack in Project (improved)

I use TextMate for work. It’s a good editor, doesn’t get in my way, and I take advantage of relatively few of its nifty features.

One problem with TextMate is that its built-in search is very slow, especially across a large project. Since I work with a full checkout of the deviantART source code, searches can take a while.

So I started using Ack in Project, a TextMate bundle that uses ack to search your project. (Ack is a nifty little tool that combines grep and find, along with a number of useful optimizations for searching checked-out source code.)

However, Ack in Project doesn’t expose a very useful part of ack’s functionality, which is the ability to search just particular filetypes. This has occasionally been a pain – some words appear commonly in PHP and JS files, but I only care about them in the PHP.

So I spent a little while this evening adjusting Ack in Project to let you choose a file type to search.

My Ack in Project tweak

My version is up on github.

If you’d like to use it, do this:

$ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
$ git clone git://github.com/kemayo/ack-tmbundle.git Ack.tmbundle

(It was my first time messing with tm_dialog, so I’m not necessarily confident about how I did it. But it works!)

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    1. Honestly, nowadays I’d recommend using AckMate instead. It’s also by protocool, who did Ack In Project, but is much improved.

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