I couldn’t find a WordPress widget that produced output similar to’s linkrolls script. (You can just put their script into a Text widget, but its output doesn’t always mesh well with WordPress themes – it hardcodes h2s, and so forth.)

The Automattic example widget came close, but was a bit lacking on the customization front. for WordPress also came close, but I disagree with having your server fetch the RSS feed, instead of using the perfectly good JSON API.

So I took the Automattic widget, hacked some extra features into it, made it configurable, and you can now see it in my sidebar. Well, footer currently. It’s a theme thing.

If you want it yourself, here’s the link: plus

Edit on 2008-03-27: This is now in the plugins repository.
Edit on 2008-04-16: Version 1.1 released, granting multiple widget instances.

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  1. Hi,

    like it. Is there a way to have more then once instance of it running on one blog?

    Thanks Thomas

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