Why I can’t play Dungeon Runners

Last night I thought to myself “hey, I know, I’ll try out Dungeon Runners!” It’s a pseudo-free pseudo-MMO, which could be described as a Diablo parody – that’s the sort of game that sounds appealing to me.

Sadly, I discovered that Dungeon Runners is not a game I can play.

You see, it requires that inbound port 80 be open for your initial connection to a world server. This is a mind-bogglingly weird decision.

Port 80 is an entrenched-by-standards ports – it’s what webservers listen on.

Thus Dungeon Runners is off-limits to two classes of people:

  1. People whose ISP block port 80 inbound, because they really don’t want people running servers. (Verizon did this for a while on my connection.)
  2. People who run a server. (That’s me.)

Okay, I could shuffle ports around, temporarily assigning 80 to my games computer whenever I wanted to log in. But that’s more effort than I want to put into this. Thus I effectively cannot play Dungeon Runners.

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