Intrepidly lacking

I updated my desktop to the new Ubuntu release (Intrepid Ibix)

This is mostly good, but I discovered a problem as a side-effect of them improving their mouse support. Now that my mouse is auto-detected with all its buttons, the side-button no longer defaults to being a middle-click. I like having the side-button do middle clicks.

So, no problem, I thought. I’ll just go rebind it. There is doubtless something in the mouse settings that lets me adjust this – I mean, Windows generally handles this fine, so surely Ubuntu will be at least equivalent.

This turned out to not be true.

After a lot of searching, I found the community documentation for the Logitech Marblemouse USB, which (sort of) discusses how to remap buttons.

So I ran:
$ xinput set-button-map "Logitech USB Gaming Mouse" 1 8 3 4 5 6 7 2 9

This didn’t remap it, per se. It swapped clicking the mouse wheel and clicking the side-button.

(I’m not certain that this will persist through a reboot. I might need to meddle with .Xmodmap.)

It’s a weird place to be lacking what I consider basic functionality.

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  1. hi is there any chance you will update questsfu for 3.0.2? I would really appreciate it as it’s an awesome addon I’ve grown quite accustomed to.
    thanks either way

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