Niche WoW news

* NEW – freeSlots, bagType = GetContainerNumFreeSlots(bagIndex) — Returns the number of free slots in a bag, and the type of items that can go in the bag. For bagType, 0 means any item can go in the bag.
* NEW – bagType = GetItemFamily(itemID | “name” | “itemLink”) — When used with a container, this returns the type of container. When used with an item, it returns the type of container the item can go in. However, bagType is a bitflag, so GetItemFamily for something that could go in a quiver (bagType 1) and an ammo pouch (bagType 2) would return 3. A bag that can hold both arrows and bullets would also return 3.

This does mark the first time I’ve asked for API functionality and had it implemented. 😀

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