Menubar apps: they screenshot boringly

LinkCleaner soothes my deep and often-unsatisfied need for cleanliness and a lack of unnecessary junk, particularly in things I want to share with others.

It’s a macOS menubar app. It sits there and watches as you copy things, then springs into action when you copy a URL.

It takes a URL like this:

…and leaves you with just this:

It strips out the common tracker cruft like utm_ parameters, but it also knows some special details about a few popular sites and will apply custom rules to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to copy the tracker-laden URL?

LinkCleaner will let it through if you copy the same URL twice in a row.

Alternately: open the menu, uncheck "Run automatically", and then copy the URL.

Which sites have special handling?

  • Amazon
  • Twitter

Privacy policy

LinkCleaner collects and transmits no personal data at all.

LinkCleaner does watch your clipboard, but pays attention solely to URLs, and keeps no record of them.